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4 December 2020 - 3:03:10am

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Bontekoe, Jan Hindriks Jan Hindriks4 December 1846174Death 
de Graaf, Pieter Pieter4 December 1877143Birth 
Goede, Klaas Luycasz Klaas Luycasz4 December 1771249Death 
Hakkemulder, Maria Maria4 December 1795225Birth 
Kuipers, Fokje Epkes Fokje Epkes4 December 1846174Death 
Mantel, IJtje IJtje4 December 1829191Death 
Slingerland, Neeltje Neeltje4 December 1867153Death 
Taling, Hendrika Hendrika4 December 1860160Death 
Taling, Jan
Hennipman, Aaltje
Jan4 December 1875145Marriage 
Thoma, Hinderkien Hinderkien4 December 1877143Birth 
Thoma, Klaas Klaas4 December 196753Death 
Thomae, Michael III Michael III4 December 1878142Birth 
Voerman, Argodus Argodus4 December 1847173Birth 

Total events: 13
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