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17 January 2022 - 8:17:17am

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Deelen, Cornelis Cornelis17 January 1762260Birth 
van Dijk, Geertruij Geertruij17 January 1828194Birth 
Groen, Jan ‎(Dircksz)‎
Meulen, Geert ‎(Dirks)‎
Jan (Dircksz)17 January 1734288Marriage 
Groot, Sijmen Willemsz
Hoyschip, Geertje Cornelis
Sijmen Willemsz17 January 1734288Marriage 
Joosten, Bernardus
Loorbach, Engelina
Bernardus17 January 1889133Marriage 
Slingeland, Hendrik Hendrik17 January 1775247Christening 
Smies, Maria Christina Maria Christina17 January 192993Death 
Swagerman, Jan Claesz
cragt, Griet hermensd
Jan Claesz17 January 1666356Marriage 
Swagerman, Pieter Jansz
Cragt, Griet Hermans
Pieter Jansz17 January 1666356Marriage 
Taling, Hendrik Pietersz Hendrik Pietersz17 January 1832190Death 
Taling, Johannes Hendrikus
Reijerse, Heintje
Johannes Hendrikus17 January 1883139Marriage 
Thoma, Aloys Ulrich
Thoma, Franziska Clara
Aloys Ulrich17 January 1814208Marriage 
Thoma, Antonius Antonius17 January 1699323Birth 
Thoma, Jan Paulus Jan Paulus17 January 1772250Death 
Thoma, Luitje Harmannus Luitje Harmannus17 January 197547Burial 
Wesseling, Joseph Wesseling Joseph Wesseling17 January 1809213Death 

Total events: 16
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