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"Cooijman", Claas Claas25 February 1696325Burial 
Booij, Antonij "Teunis"
Van het Schip, Janna
Antonij "Teunis"25 February 1859162Marriage 
Eenjes, Arend Arend25 February 1856165Birth 
Jongebreur, Cornelia Cornelia25 February 1759262Christening 
Mantel, Jannetje Jannetje25 February 1827194Birth 
Schraverus, Pieter Jacobsz Pieter Jacobsz25 February 1805216Death 
Slingerland, Trijntje Trijntje25 February 1796225Christening 
Slor, Harm
Nuijen, Gezina
Harm25 February 1897124Marriage 
Suurwijn, Lauwina Lauwina25 February 1844177Birth 
Taling, Christina Christina25 February 194576Death 
Thoma, Ietje Alida Ietje Alida25 February 1905116Birth 
Veling, Aaltje Aaltje25 February 1865156Birth 
Vries, de Jan de Jan25 February 1898123Birth 

Total events: 13
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